Sandwich With Namasu And Thickly Sliced Bacon With Chilli & Butter Soy Sauce By Food Creative Factory


30cm baguette

150g thickly sliced bacon

1 lettuce leaf

10g coriander

80g Namasu

20g butter

½ tsp soy sauce

1/8 tsp chilli powder


1. Incise the baguette crosswise after cutting it in half. Cut the thickly sliced bacon 7mm wide. Tear the lettuce into a size suitable for a sandwich. Cut the coriander 3cm wide.

2. Bring the butter to room temperature and mix till soft. Add soy sauce and chilli powder, and mix well. Spread it over the baguette.

3. Place the lettuce, bacon, Namasu, and coriander between the two pieces of baguette.


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