Real Life Waist Trainer Exercises | Apartment Friendly Workout By Cassey Ho


5 Ways to Trim Your Waist and Get Back on Track By Cassey Ho

Your 5 waist trimming moves are:

1. Hip Dips

2. Kneeling Side Squeeze

3. Corkscrew

4. Wiggling Ankle Reaches

5. Side Plank Leg Lift Front Crunch

Your 5 tips getting back on track:

1. Schedule your workout

2. Try something brand new

3. Try a new recipe

4. Try the reset

5. Don’t beat yourself up

Goodbye Muffintop Workout (At Home No Equipment Exercise Routine for your Obliques) By Cassey Ho

The moves are:
1. Kneeling Toe Touch

2. Kneeling Side Touch

3. Hip Dips (Knees)

4. Hip Dips (Full)

5. Side Plank Hold

6. Kayaking

7. Russian Twists

8. Cha Cha Abs